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Our consulting offering is headed by David Smith who has over 20 years experience in both the telecommunications and IT sectors spanning both the UK and Irish markets. David’s primary experience is in the telecommunications sector in which he has gained vast experience in terms of solution design and delivery.

David’s previous experience includes holding senior roles at Lloyds Banking Group in the UK and also at Honda Europe while most recently he was Country Head of Convergent Systems for Ireland. He has extensive experience of delivering consultancy with clients at varying stages of their evolution, including Independent News & Media, Microsoft and AOL and is very well versed in communications infrastructure design from cradle to grave.

Our consultancy offering is flexible in nature depending on client requirements but tends to be delivered and charged on a “per day” basis.

Low Cost Calls (analogue/ISDN voice saving, line rental reduction) As Clear Connections is an active participant in the wholesale telephone minutes market we are in a position to offer clients significant cost saving on their fixed line phone calls. Our buying power means that we can usually make savings on fixed line minutes contracts of up to 35%.

When we blend a combination of fixed line and VoIP (calls over the internet) we can also make saving for clients by decreasing their spend on line rental. These savings vary depending on the combination that is adopted but can be very significant, particularly for clients with a large number of users or multiple sites.

Clear Connections is intent on developing long term relationships with our clients and a significant part of that is our commitment to providing best in class support and maintenance, whether we have installed the system or not.

Prior to taking on the support of any of your equipment, we will carry out an audit of your systems. From this we will be able to ensure that we can readily access all parts required, and therefore that any failures can be repaired in the shortest possible time.

Using a combination of remote administration for proactive preventive maintenance and system checkups and onsite support calls when required means that we can ensure that we will have your communications back on line as quickly as possible. Remote administration also allows us to monitor the health of our clients’ system and to provide them with status reports as required. Our in house knowledge base ensures that we always have all the information at hand to resolve problems that may arise.

Our support contracts can also be tailored to suit your requirements whether support be required for normal business hours or needed on a 24*7*365 basis.

Enhanced Mobile Devices

We at Clear Connections believe that the world of communications will continue to move toward more flexible and mobile solutions, particularly as the advent of smart phones allows users to truly be connected, regardless of their location. As we are looking to provide our clients with an end to end communications solution we will remain focussed on continuing to develop and enhance our mobile offering.

To that end, Clear Connections has formed a strategic alliance with the leading mobile carrier 3Mobile which has the capability to deliver cutting edge mobile technology to our clients.

3Mobile is Irelands only 3G network and largest high speed mobile network which means that our clients can enjoy a 99.5% population coverage for voice and text and 96% 3G coverage.

We can provide a wide number of mobile devices including Blackberry, iPhone and iPad. As all of these devices are capable of receiving management information from our Splicecom Vision solution they can combine to form a very powerful part of the toolkit for managers on the move.

National and International Telephone Numbers

Clear Connections can provide you with National and International phone numbers which can be answered in any location.

Put simply, this allows you to be based in, for example Dublin, and have a London number displayed in the UK and have UK clients call and be charged at local rates.

This is a useful marketing tool for company’s who wish to target a client base in different jurisdictions for a number of reasons;

  • removes possible barrier to initial call being made
  • presents the business as a local business
  • reduces call cost to potential customers.

Upgrades/Updates to existing systems for new or existing clients

Whether you are an existing client or an organisation that would like to engage with us, Clear Connections can tailor a solution should you wish to upgrade your existing telephone system. The design and build of many of the products that we supply allow for them to integrate with differing product and technology types irrespective of whether they have been supplied by Clear Connections.

For example, the maximiser call server has specific features to provide a very cost effective and feature rich migration strategy for those currently using the Avaya INDeX and Siemens iSDX/Realitis and iSLX systems, alongside elegant migration solutions for companies who have utilised the Ericsson MD110, Mitel SX2000 & BT/ Nortel Meridian systems.

Feature Rich IP Telephone Systems

Clear Connections has the ability to deliver leading edge systems in a variety of ways . “In the Cloud” or on premises. From 2 users to 10,000 and beyond we will always work with clients on an individual basis to establish what the best solution is.

Clear View Hosted Voice Clear View: Our Hosted IP Telephone Systems Our hosted Solution allows customers to have a low cost simple monthly fee using their Data to have a full feature rich phone system in the Cloud. Staring at €4.00 / £3.50 per user per month… Plus reduced or no line rental in addition to huge call cost savings. You can add soft phones, mobiles as well as call reporting and recording capability.

Splicecom (Ireland & UK) Our Splicecom solution’s modular design means that it can be easily scaled up from small to very large numbers. The system can be both on Premise or “In the Cloud”, or a combination of both.;

The maximiser series of call servers and of systems provides a telephone system for one or multiple sites. In/out bound/VoIP/ reports/ realtime dashboard/mobiles/ recording / voice mail to e-mail/ which is completely scalable and future proofed.

The Mobility feature provides your desk extension on your mobile removing call costs and providing total flexibility.

Reporting Suite – Vision, which partners with the maximiser servers, is a web-based application suite and offers a Business Dashboard for companies of all sizes, delivering a comprehensive range of real-time information and historical reports. These reports can be accessed via smart phones, such as iPhone or Android, giving managers more location flexibility than ever.

Clear Connections, in conjunction with our partners, can also deploy other systems such as Avaya, Siemens , NEC, Alcatel, Panansonic and Nortel. If your system requirement is specific in nature please contact us for an initial consultation.

VoIP – flexibility and efficiency

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a relatively recent development in the ICT industry which allows you to make telephone calls over the internet. This is enabled via the use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunks which negate the requirement for traditional phone lines.

When people talk about VoIP nowadays there is an immediate tendency to talk only about “cheaper phone calls” and not a lot else. However, while there can be very significant cost savings (up to 70% on call costs) we believe that probably the real advantage of the technology lies in its flexibility;

  • Scalable capacity (up and down) to deal with peaks and troughs in usage. This means that you are not paying for idle ISDN lines
  • Location independence
  • Provision of “local numbers”, regardless of what location the call is answered, as opposed to outdated “0845” type numbers etc. This can be an important marketing tool and takes away a potential barrier for people making overseas enquiry calls etc.
  • Apparent geographically larger footprint/coverage for your business (including the ability to appear internationally visible)
  • Disaster recovery and home worker support – particularly useful in case of problems at the office or in getting to the office e.g. recent extreme weather events
  • More efficient use of existing connectivity

Although it can be an extremely advantageous technology, clients need to take certain factors into account when thinking about using VoIP. The main issues that need to be considered include;

  • The speed or band width of your internet connection – this will impact upon usability and call quality
  • The level of resilience that you need in your communication system – if you are reliant entirely on VoIP to make your calls you are relying entirely on your broadband connection and this can be a significant risk for many organisations.
  • Security is also an important consideration – VoIP calls are “connected” to the internet via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks and like any other connection they should sit behind a firewall and have appropriate security in place.

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